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Series 2780:  Nostalgic Style Dry Barrel


  • AVK Fully Encapsulated One-Piece Hydrant Main Valve
  • Patented AVK Design - One Piece replaces up to 13 pieces
  • Ductile iron core fully encapsulated in EPDM rubber
  • No exposed metal - completely corrosion resistant
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective, labor saving - reduced inventory
  • UL/ULC listed and FM approved
  • Modern (2700) or Nostalgic (2780) styles available with interchangeable parts
  • High Pressure rating (250 psi)
  • Ductile iron nozzle section, barrel section, bonnet, and base
  • 5.25" valve opening for high flow rating
  • Upper section of hydrant repairable under pressure
  • 360 degree nozzle section rotation possible
  • Removeable nozzles secured with external stainless steel allen screws
  • Light-Weight, inexpensive hydrant tools
  • Traffic flange designed for easy repair
  • Stainless steel traffic coupling designed for longer operational life (resists elongation) and high corrosion resistance
  • 360 degree all bronze drain channel with 2 outlet ports
  • Travel stop nut in the nozzle section for additional safety (optional)
  • Inlet shoe available in most configurations
  • Hydrant drain easily plugged if required - may be plugged internally or externally
  • Extensions available in lengths from 6" to 60"
  • Stainless steel upper stem
  • Stainless steel lower stem available
  • 4- through 5-inch Storz pumper nozzle available