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Series 2488:  FlowGuard II Hydrant Check Valve

The AVK FlowGuard II will fit any manufacturers' wet barrel fire hydrant with an AVK adapter kit.

Called Double Check by our team of product development engineers, this check valve is designed with safety in mind. If the hydrant is knocked off in a traffic accident, the ball will rise to seal off flow from the main but it allows a small jet of water to pass to reduce water hammer problems and indicate that the hydrant has been broken. When the hydrant is closed, the ball will settle and seal in the reverse direction, preventing back flow or cross-contamination problems. Headloss at fire flows was minimized as well, at 1,000 gallons per minute, the head loss is less than 2.5 psi. The break flange is easily replaceable on the check valve to get the hydrant back in service quickly.